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Thread: Upgrade from Zimbra 3.1.3 to Latest edition (4.5.5)

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    Default Upgrade from Zimbra 3.1.3 to Latest edition (4.5.5)

    Hello guys,
    I have been running zimbra 3.1.3 (open source) with Fedora Core 3 for a while now. I would like to upgrade to the new 4.5.5 but I'm not so sure what exact path to follow. I am thinking first of all I might need to upgrade my operating system to either Fedora 4/5 or any of the present listed supported operating systems and also i ve been reading in the forums and everyone keeps advising not to go upgrade straight from 3.1 to 4.5, so i would appreciate any help or directions in running a smooth upgrade or maybe some tool that enables that.


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    There are several posts in the forums about upgrading your o/s and/or zimbra - have a search for them and any upgrade 'gotchas'. It basically consists of stopping Zimbra and backing-up the /opt/zimbra directory, upgrading your operating system then starting Zimbra to make sure it's OK. When you've done that you can upgrade zimbra to a release 4.0.x version make sure it's working, take another backup then upgrade to the current release. You should also make sure you have a copy of the original 3.1.3 install file just in case you need to restore to that version.


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