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    Well I've got our first live real user converted from Outlook (no Exchange). A manager keen to trial Zimbra. 3000 Emails and about 300 contacts. I converted before that, but she is our first non-IT user.

    Initially copying mail over using IMAP reset the dates to the date and time of the copy. They seem to have fixed themselves though. I did a reindex for that user today. Could that have fixed the dates.

    My first install was a false start with CentOS 4.2. Now realise that it was probably just a hostname problem (Installer ran for hours and the system reported too many open files at some stage). Current install is on FC3 on a basic P4 2.4ghz with 512mb RAM.

    At the moment fetchmail is pulling mail from our production mail server for trial users.

    So far this user loves:

    Text auto complete... (especially the very fast list pulled from contacts + was very impressed that it targeted first name or surname or email address)
    Conversation View
    Search Builder (especially the speed of searches)
    Mouse over Sender for contact details
    Date links in emails

    She is not so fond of:

    A lot of her attachments are coming up as winmail.dat. This is in the mail copied in. Haven't seen one in a new message yet, but she hasn't had much email yet.

    Can't open an attachment in the compose message view to check that she has got the right document. Has to leave Zimbra to find the file in Windows, open it, check it and then remember what it was and where it was to attach it. She would prefer to attach and then open with a double click to verify that it is the right file. Any plans to make this possible? (I guess she could probably right click and open from the browse window)

    She liked Outlook 2003 poping up a notification that included the sender and subject for a new message (could then decide if it was urgent enough to leave what she was doing to deal with it). I guess Zimbra probably can't do that while minimised? Does anyone know of a little notification tool for Windows that gives the same sort of notification without a full mail client?

    Edit.... forgot.... Is there any way to select multiple tags to filter messages? Eg ctrl+click to select more than 1 tag and display the results from that (or maybe tag tick boxes or something)
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