In anticipation of the first beta release of Zimbra 5.0, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the best way to run a test Zimbra server in conjunction with a live, production Zimbra server. I'd love to be able to try out the beta and RC releases so that I can show off some of the upcoming features that our users have been waiting for, as well as help the community by identifying and troubleshooting bugs. But I'm not sure I want to go through the trouble of setting up a test/dummy email domain. Maybe that's the only way to do it though. Ideally I'd like to have a test account or two in the live domain, and somehow funnel email for those accounts over to the test server. That way we could test the real world environment (sending and receiving both internal and external (Internet) email).

We are currently running the FOSS version 4.5.5 on CentOS, with 200+ active users. Definitely don't want to do anything that would hurt the production environment in any way.