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Thread: Problem with away messages

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    Default Problem with away messages


    I have a problem with away messages. I have two internal domains.
    When i set up away message for one user, external senders successfully receive the message. Unfortunatly, internal senders never receive the message.
    I can't find any message in postfix logs, or zimbra log.

    I have v4.5.4, with debian 3.1 up to date.
    Same install with v4.0.3 works correctly.

    I cannot find any parameter who rules internal or external away message or notification blocking.
    Thanks a lot for your help !

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    Are you sure the away message is not being sent for internal users? You do realize that the away message is not sent to a user on every message? It sends the away message once to a user, and then will not send another one to that user for a set amount of time; I believe 5-7 days. There is an RFE in bugzilla to allow the admin and/or the users more control over this feature.

    The only thing I can think of is the first "away message" to your internal user got "lost" (deleted, filtered, etc.), and now you can't find anything in the logs for the subsequent messages because the away message isn't sent for timing reasons. Either that or you have a problem with internal mail delivery in general.

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