Hi all,

I've imported my contacts using the rest interface described in the wiki.

 curl -u schemers:password --data-binary @/tmp/new.vcf http://server/service/home/schemers/contacts?fmt=vcf
This works very well! My question is: How can I update the contacts using the rest interface?

When I re-run the rest script, it just adds a seconds contact. I'd like it to update the existing contact.

Is there a primary key I could supply so Zimbra knows I'm updating? Or do I need another url?

We have a shared LDAP GAL which works great in the webinterface. But, with mobile devices we need an addressbook with some shared contacts (from an external system). I'd like to update the contacts in the addressbook so the mobile user has the updated contact info.

Could anyone please assist with this issue?