Hi all,

I'm a little desperate, hoping someone out there will help me out a little on this.

Our Exchange Server died today (2000 version) and I would like to try Zimbra as a replacement. Where I work is a non-profit, so costs are always an issue. I would like to use the open source edition right now since funds will not be available for a few months. (yes, today has stressed me out).

- Can I use the open source edition, then later get the supported edition?
- clients are mostly win2k using IE 6.1 - are there any issues with this setup? Such as speed? Range of PC hardware - standard PC is 1gz with 256mb ram or so.
- about 200 email accounts - of those, probably 50 or less will have hi activity.
- Using AD on 2000 servers.
- Right now I am thinking everyone is OK using the web edition - though that could change in the future.
- User Account/Email procedure - I am assuming I make a User Account, then create the Email Account - Are there any "gotchas" with linking both to AD so users won't need to use two passwords?
- Some users have their email forwarded to their home/personal accounts. Is this possible in Zimbra?
- Backup and restores - Do I need special software etc? Or can it be done through Linux?

Sorry if these Qs are the dummy RTFM types - I am trying to get up to speed as fast as possible on this.