Something has changed, because it was working?? I am running 4.5.0_GA_612.UBUNTU6 (OS edition).

I now have 1900 messages in my Spam folder. I have run zmtrainsa (I do it about every 300 spam messages). I noticed it wasn't cleaning anything up.. then I read in the forums that this doesn't clean it up. It is the zmpurgemessages command that does that. So I read most of the postings on zmpurgemessages and here is what I believe I should be making sure it done:

It is in the cron (for the zimbra user), and I believe the cron is running. Running zmpurge from the command line as the zimbra user doesn't produce any errors. It just returns back to the prompt after 30 seconds.

I have also changed the Spam folder timeout to 3 days (last night I set it to 2 days to give it a kick) in the admin panel... still nothing

Any other ideas here?