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Thread: Import wizard messing up contact names & missing distribution lists

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    Default Import wizard messing up contact names & missing distribution lists

    Using ZCSImportWiz-4.5.0_GA_611.exe

    When I import a users contacts for some reason Shelley Grumann who works at Jasmin Ltd when imported becomes Shelley Jasmin. The solution for now seems to be to use Outlook to import/export and not the Import Wizard....

    Also, all of the Distribution lists in the user's contacts were just plain missed as far as I can tell.

    This stuff is really bugging our users and is very time consuming if you have to setup multiple users. For now I only use the import wizard to import messages, it seems to have major problems with just about everything else.

    Is there a newer version of the import wizard that I can use with Zimbra 4.5.4_GA_763.RHEL4? I just don't see the point in using it simply because if I run import/export in Outlook then synch to the Zimbra server I don't have problems. This is however more time-consuming than a working Import Wizard.

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    Default Migration of Distribution Lists is currently not supported

    The current version of Zimbra does not support the migration of Distribution lists. If you read the documentation it tells you this. They have to be recreated, either by the client as personal lists, or you can create them on the server.

    This is expected to be changed with version 5.0 (I believe).

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