Using ZCSImportWiz-4.5.0_GA_611.exe

When I import a users contacts for some reason Shelley Grumann who works at Jasmin Ltd when imported becomes Shelley Jasmin. The solution for now seems to be to use Outlook to import/export and not the Import Wizard....

Also, all of the Distribution lists in the user's contacts were just plain missed as far as I can tell.

This stuff is really bugging our users and is very time consuming if you have to setup multiple users. For now I only use the import wizard to import messages, it seems to have major problems with just about everything else.

Is there a newer version of the import wizard that I can use with Zimbra 4.5.4_GA_763.RHEL4? I just don't see the point in using it simply because if I run import/export in Outlook then synch to the Zimbra server I don't have problems. This is however more time-consuming than a working Import Wizard.