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Thread: Local and remote LDAP authentication question

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    Default Local and remote LDAP authentication question


    I am running into a problem to let ZIMBRA to use both local and remote LDAP auth at the same time. Is this allowed in the system?

    The reason I think it will work is that the current admin account is using local account, however, it is the only local account which can login into Zimbra. Now matter how, i get the following error:

    2007-05-29 17:08:23,038 WARN [http-80-Processor99] [ua=ZimbraWebClient - IE7 (Win);ip=;] security - cmd=Auth;; protocol=soap; error=authentication failed for;

    Remote accounts are fine. I just want to create some users which do not need to be in the remote ldap db.

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    Got my answer by search this forum...

    "zmprov md zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal TRUE"

    exec that solve my problem.

    So i guess that admin account local authentication is active by installation?

    thank you anyway.

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