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Thread: How to delete a speceific message from all users

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    Default How to delete a speceific message from all users

    Is threre a way to delete a specific messsage from all users mailboxes ?


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    Unless someone else chimes in with a better idea, you should be able to find the msg id for the email and then you can script the delete process.

    Something like...

    # Get all Accounts
    zmprov gaa | grep$ > /tmp/temp_file 
    # Delete message in each account with the matching msg id
    for acct in `cat /tmp/temp_file` ; do
        "zmmailbox -a <admin> -p <password> -m $acct dm <msg id>
    # Remove temp_file
    rm -f /tmp/temp_file
    You can probably grep for the message is

    grep phrase <path/to/store/> -R *

    I believe is the right syntax.

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    Default I want to need message in all account in distribution list.

    I want to delete all messages in inbox of all account in distribution list.

    I just know when I send message to users in distribution list ,they can get same message but difference message id.

    That is my problem ,I cannot delete email by Message ID (your script needs Message ID) because I must be tried to search Message ID before.

    In my mind, I think a message which I send to distribution list , It should has one Message ID because when I delete this message by Message ID , it should be deleted all inbox of all user. (I think by myself...)

    If you have other solution , please let me know.

    Normal man

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