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Thread: How wuold YOU do it? - Migration from hosted to local server

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    Default How wuold YOU do it? - Migration from hosted to local server

    Hey folks,

    I wanted to bounce this off the forum community before I even stepped in to get some opinions.

    I have a Zimbra Network Edition installed on a RedHat 4 Server which is running under VMware. It's been in use for a few months now and working great. Our next theory is to move it to our local site on a box of it's own. Perhaps still under VMware, that's still undecided, and frankly immaterial.

    How would you do this?

    Would you move the virtual machine to a local VMware server, fire it up, and make changes to the hostname etc? (I've read bad things about changing hostnames after install!)

    Would you rather create a new server install and do a restore (or partial restore?) of the mailboxes onto the new system?

    Other tidbits are that we would like to move from RHEL AS licensing nightmares to Ubuntu, since it's now considered supported. Doesn't have to be in this migration if it's going to cause unneeded stress to the project, making it more risky.


    Dave Mullen

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    The quickest would be to copy the VM to your local host, you may be able to get it working but you've already spotted the hostname 'problem'. As it's a NE install how about a Disaster Recovery?

    [edit]I meant to ask, are you intending to change the hostname or is it going to be the same when you move it?


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