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Thread: Changing Domain!

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    Default Changing Domain!

    My company is going to change the domain to a new domain. And I tested by creating a new domain as alias domain. Everything is ok for sending or receiving in internal.

    But i have the following issue: I have a Zimbra system in multi Installation with one Zimbra MTA. I want to receive mail from external into the new domain (I had a MX record for the new domain) via Zimbra MTA. Please give me an advice about adjusting on Zimbra MTA to understand my new alias domain. My mean is mails from external domain can send mail to the new domain directly.

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    Default domain alias

    What's the exact steps you did for creating the alias?
    Did you perhaps do this?:
    ManagingDomains - ZimbraWiki and you want the domain to be an alias for it, so that sending mail to is the same as sending mail to (delivered to the same mailbox), you can designate as a domain alias when creating the domain. This example assumes already exists, but does not.
    zmprov cd zimbraDomainType alias zimbraMailCatchAllAddress zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress
    and as always...
    dig mx
    vi /etc/hosts

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