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Thread: GAL as a Visble Addressbook?

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    Default GAL as a Visble Addressbook?

    I've been requested to have the GAL show up just as an address book would in the webmail client. I don't see any way to access the gal short of the global search or searching when creating a new message.

    Can it be published in the webmail client? If do I do that?

    Using the internal GAL


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    there is a bug/REF open for a browseable GAL address book
    Bug 5989 - making the GAL browsable - browse
    also see:
    Bug 14531 - GAL via contacts folders
    & -has a dicussion on browseable gal as well

    Can it be published in the webmail client? If do I do that?
    You could search for everyone in the gal...then save the results to a personal address book (and even share that address book) but then it might get out of date...
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