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Thread: Server IP address change

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    Default Server IP address change

    I have just inherited the administration of a Zimbra server where Zimbra is running under Debian running under Gentoo. During a recent network upgrade the address was changed. Since then we have not been able to connect to the Zimbra web interface (IMAP works). Looking for ideas sine I now have users who can't access their calendars.


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    Welcome to the forums,

    as long as you didn't attempt to change the hostname of the box...just the IP I hope! (people are having issues with the hostname change command)

    Can you connect directly with the current ip of the box?
    if not let's see if tomcat is running:
    su zimbra
    zmcontrol status

    Do an nmap/port scan.

    Try to get to the web client from the box itself-trying to eliminate the possibility of a firewall change -you said network upgrade (but seems unlikley that imap would have been left open but not 80 -or whatever web port you're using.

    Speaking of which-on the zimbra box-were you running on another port besides 80?
    running this might give you a clue
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov gcf zimbraMailPort

    If it's just the domain name that doesn't resolve properly (but you can connect via the ip address):

    Was there any virtual host names setup originally?
    (Usually done if you host more than one domain-but it can be done for alternate connection addresses also.)
    ie the box is but people can connect to for the mail interface.

    check your hosts file:

    Other things to check-but you seem to be able to send mail:
    (though you said nothing about send/recieve-just that you can connect to imap)

    check global dns records:
    dig mx

    check your companies local dns records-if you have an onsite dns or using a split dns

    > Lost of things to run down-we just need more details-unfortunately we can't as of yet magically comprehend/visualize your current network setup
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    I'm planning on changing the IP address of the zimbra box shortly, and looking at this response it seems like that should not be a problem, is this correct?

    On the premise that the dns entries are adjusted so the box can be found correctly by the other machines, I can just go right ahead and change the IP, reboot it and be done?

    I'm reasonably sure that's the case, I'd just like to clarify it. Thanks.

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    that is correct-IP is easy (hosts file and dns entries) but changing the hostname will give you a migraine
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