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Thread: Auto recieve pop accounts

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    Default Auto recieve pop accounts

    ive installed zimbra,and using it for test purposes before migration.
    i decided to make test and migration at same time,and added users to zimbra (with new domain name and keeping old email server),and added old pop accounts to new accounts.
    now i wonder, if send recieve action can be done server wide/account wide, automaticly,ie 1 per 10 min, with cron or something like cron.

    so all emails goes from old mailserver to new one first, then users get them from new one.


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    Using this method to migrate your email isn't necessarily the best way to do it. There is currently no method of getting email on a schedule via the pop3 connector, the user would have to hit the 'get mail' button - the schedule feature is coming. You could also set-up a fetchmail cron job to get mail from another server but that would require you to know the password for all the users.

    Probably the best set-up would be a 'split domain', have a look at the wiki for details.


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