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Thread: Who do I disable Junk/Not Junk for a single user?

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    Default Who do I disable Junk/Not Junk for a single user?

    Testing Zimbra for our site. So far I've found a way to do everything but one item.

    We don't trust all our users to correctly identify UCE so we would like to be able to disable the Junk/Not Junk icons for some people. It looks like LDAP attributes zimbraSpamIsNotSpamAccount and zimbraSpamIsSpamAccount are global.

    The problem is some people move email they don't want but isn't spam to the junk folder. Take internal marketing collateral being sent to finance. What they should do is move it to Trash but people are using the "Junk" icon to get rid of the email

    So I need to SpamAssasin running but only for some users. Limiting it to admins would work although is not an optimal solution for us.

    I could disable the zimbraSpam attributes and leave the spam accounts active, set up filters for email to move the mail from the authorized accounts and let the current cron jobs do the spam/ham classification. However I'm concerned removing the LDAP attributes will have a cascading effect and break the Zimba config of SpamAssassin.

    Any comments would be great as this is an area I'm not up with SpamAssassin let alone how it's integrated into Zimbra.

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    Default As a possible sugestion

    How about adding some filter rules for the spam account (what ever your system called it), that deletes any emails from untrusted users. These could even be put in the spam user address book, and the rule set to check them against the address book.

    Or even do the reverse, and reject all but users in the address book.


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    You could do it with filters in the spam and ham accounts but that would mean updating the rules. I've logged this as a product enhancement request as I think it would be better to handle this as an attribute from the admin console.

    You could probably go into mySQL and pull apart the schema and add a trigger if you have the time and it would be better than filters for this sort of answer.

    [Pity I titled this with a typo of "Who" instead of "How". C'est la vie. ]

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