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Thread: Only using the webclient calender component

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    Default Only using the webclient calender component

    I was searching for a calendar application, web-interface. The Zimbra UI has everything I ever wanted.

    Yet, I want to use it without the whole zimbra-mta, zimbra-ldap, ... setup. Is there a way to use just the calendaring component?

    More concrete:
    * Let the web-interface connect to an external LDAP database for authentication and finding other users.
    * Use a local .ics file for calendar storage.

    Is this in any way possible? I tried reading the code from SVN, but I can't find the calendar webclient component.

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    This question has been asked many times on the forums and a quick search would have found the answer which is, no. Zimbra is a complete and tightly integrated package and it's designed to operate as a whole and not have pieces split out.


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