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Thread: Proxy Filtering and Zimbra?

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    Default Proxy Filtering and Zimbra?


    I am new to Zimbra, but it sure looks impressive.

    Can an enterprise defense service such as Postini or MX Logic be used in conjunction with Zimbra? In effect, the service would filter mail before it reaches Zimbra. If this is possible, it would mean disabling Zimbra's built-in anti-spam and anti-virus?

    I am thinking of using Zimbra mainly as a webmail and calendaring app.

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    Many people have boxes/mta's/scanners that sit before their zimbra boxes.

    Personally I really see no point in completely turning off the built-in spam/antivirus features. Even if your system has been 100% acurate and has a nice setup where people go to a separate portal to check/release any spam through; why not the extra insurance?
    You might set both the kill and tag to 100% (needs 20 spamassassin points) and set the antivirus to update say every few days instead of every 2 hrs. Yes there is some load associated with spam/av checks but unless you need that performance-I say leave it on.

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    This is great to know. Many, many thanks for answering this.

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