Does anyone have a good fix for this problem I've been having(I can't be the only one).


George Walker has 1500 calendar entries. He just got a *** change and now is Sally Walker. So I changed Georges name to Sally and when Sally goes to use her calendar in Outlook she is unable to edit calendar entries anymore and won't receive the reminders for those.

Sally is using either the web client or Outlook 2003 with connector 4.5.169 using Zimbra 4.5.4_GA753.

I already know what the problem is(appointment organizer isn't the same anymore), but the fix I've gotten from Zimbra Support involves the following:

- Export calendar to .ics file
- Edit .ics with notepad and manually change organizer names
- Delete all current calendar entries
- Reimport new .ics file on server

This is extremely time consuming and I'd really rather not have to go through 300+ users and do this for each one. We just did a domain change and now all our users calendars are uneditable. Hopefully someone out there has a better solution