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Thread: zmprov help?

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    Default zmprov help?

    We created our accounts with this zmprov command. It is nice, it allows us to forward mail back to the old server while we are converting users.

    ca username@domain.tld passwordgoeshere displayName 'User Name' givenName 'User' sn 'Name' description 'Where I work' zimbraPrefMailForwardingAddress username@oldserver.domain.tld zimbraPasswordMustChange TRUE zimbraPrefMailLocalDeliveryDisabled TRUE zimbraCOSid COS-ID Goes here
    My question /problem is related to

    zimbraPrefMailForwardingAddress username@oldserver.domain.tld

    This is for migration ease. We do not want to give the users the option to automatically forward work email off the server. So this option is NOT part of the COS.

    What I am looking for is some sort of CLI command to see if one of us on the helpdesk forgot to reset 'Allow the user to specify a forwarding address' back to COS of default of 'NO'

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    To get accounts with Mail Forwarding Disabled use:
    zmprov gaa -v | grep -e uid: -e zimbraFeatureMailForwardingEnabled | grep -B1 FALSE
    (To find the enabled, just change the FALSE to TRUE)

    To find COS Settings:
    zmprov gc %COSNAME% | grep zimbraFeatureMailForwardingEnabled

    Or, to list all COS Forwarding Settings:
    zmprov gac -v | grep -e cn: -e zimbraFeatureMailForwardingEnabled

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