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Thread: What does the mailbox service do?

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    Default What does the mailbox service do?

    For a period today, the mailbox service was down on my Zimbra server (zmcontrol status showed the mailbox as "stopped" and all other services as "running").

    It started up OK, but I'd like to know what the mailbox service actually does (and what I should expect not to work when it's down). From the logs it isn't entirely clear and I can't find anything very specific in the documentation.

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    The Mailbox service contains tomcat and mysql.server (not logger).

    If it says it stopped, then it's likely one of those stopped (tomcat perhaps). . or that tomcat just lost its connection to mysql.

    You should check your /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log for more information.

    Those two services facilitate mailbox and delivery operations, as well as metadata for each particular mailbox.

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