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Thread: Some questions, antispam bypass and internal communication

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    Question Some questions, antispam bypass and internal communication

    Hi, Someone can point me any documentation or if is possible to configure Zimbra to not pass the antispam for one account, because one person in my company is bothering about the antispam and he needs to remove the antispam feature for your account.

    The other question is if is possible to setup one domain that only is possible to use to internal comunication? for example if someone authenticate and he only can send email to

    Thanks in advance, any help will be apreciated.

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    Welcome to the forums,
    For your internal domain question-yes that's entirely possible, you could play with:
    RestrictPostfixRecipients - ZimbraWiki

    There is a RFE open somewhere for a checkbox 'only allow user to send email to same domain addresses'

    Edit/found it:
    Bug 16671 - 'Internal email only' options in admin control panel
    Make check boxes for:
    User can send email outside of his domain
    User can recieve mail from outside his domain.

    Yes there' are plenty of postfix/whitelist/blacklist methods but this really
    needs to be a check box feature.
    combined into:
    Bug 9620 - Mail policies and access control for sending to distribution lists
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    Thanks for your great help.

    And the "AntiSpamLess" account this is possible?

    I have some policy codes that I have written, How can I contribute to the zimbra project?

    I have things like
    Greylist/Rejection/Tagging based in ASN (route-views)
    Greylist/Rejection/Tagging based in Remote OS (p0f)
    Greylist/Rejection/Tagging based in Origin Country (GeoIP)
    Greylist/Rejection/Tagging based in RBL's
    Greylist/Rejection/Tagging based in PTR-less addresses

    All the tag stuff can be used in spamassassin rules to get some score addition.

    I have tryed to integrate for example the Origin Country filter with some sort of web admin, the user will click in a World Map and select what he wants to be achived when some mail come from this country.

    I will like to contribute to the project with this sort of code.

    Acctually I personally administer one plataform with half million (not zimbra) and I have some ideas that I will be glad to contribute for the project.

    Thanks in advance!
    PS: All those policy is written in perl, but acctually I'm rewriting this codes in C using libevent for the high performance select interface.

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