I'm trying to import a client's PST from a computer that has outlook 2003 SP2 installed. I'm using the ZCS Import Wizard 4.5.5 (ZCSImportWiz-4.5.5_GA_831).
When I select the client's PST and go to import the file into Zimbra I receive the following error in a dialog box

Title : Personal Folders
Info : This information has not been configured. Select an existing file to configure, or type the name of the a new file to create.

I click 'OK'

and then it opens a dialog box to open/create a personal folder file, when i click cancel it says "properties for this information service must be defined prior to use"

Then I have the following error in the log file

21-06-2007 14:29:02 [268]: ZCSImportWiz-4.5.5_GA_831 Version 4.5
21-06-2007 14:29:02 [268]: Creating / starting worker thread
21-06-2007 14:29:02 [268]: Dispatching work to worker thread
21-06-2007 14:29:02 [1508]: Worker thread started
21-06-2007 14:29:02 [1508]: Unable to open default msg store: -2147221220 at .\mapi\MapiObjects.cpp(635)
21-06-2007 14:29:02 [1508]: Worker thread exiting

Do I need to have at least one account configured in Outlook in order to use the import wizard? I basically copied over her PST to a freshly installed machine just to import her pst and others' pst files.
thanks in advance