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Thread: SPAM Tagging & Subject Rewrite

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    Default SPAM Tagging & Subject Rewrite

    My ignorance is showing

    In "Global Settings", on the "AV/AS" tab, we have the following:

    * Kill Percent at 99% (we basically want all emails delivered, even if to the jUnk folders. We dont' want the server to delete anything...yet).

    * Tag Percent at 33% (default)

    * Subject Prefix at *****SPAM*****

    Email subjects seem to be prefixed correctly, but instead of being filtered into the Junk Folder they are being left in the Inbox. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing (in our eyes) because some of the accounts are used to submit tickets into our Help Desk application for various departments, we would appreciate clarification as to how it is supposed to work. Should the emails still be in the Inbox or should Zimbra be moving them to the Junk folder?

    This would be a nice per-account customizable feature to indicate where SPAM emails go (either Junk, Inbox or maybe another folder), assuming I haven't missed this in the configuration somewhere.

    Thanks for your assistance. It is appreciated.

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    Is there any follow-up to this? I'm interested in the same thing.

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    I belive that moving messages to the junk mail folder is a simple filter. For some reason the filter isn't getting updated. I would upgrade to 4.5.10 and check if you have the same issue.

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