Hello all,

I am trying to migrate Exchange 2003 SBS users to Zimbra Collaboration Suite - Network Edition 4.5.5 GA 838 on Red Hat Enterpise Linux 4 ES. Everything works when I use the ZCSMigWiz-4.5.5_GA_831.exe tool on the Exchange server except that it gives me the following error immediately before the actual migration.
Exchange Server Error - Could not receive base forder URL of Exchange Server. Appointments will not be imported. Either the permissions are not configured correctly or because of Microsoft KB article 899351. Do you want to continue? (The spelling of "forder" is as it shows up in the error message!)
When I tell it to go on, it does so dutifully. Email and contacts are there, but no calendar entries show up.

Also, when I start the migration wizard, it provides the following complaint
Invalid Certificate - One or more errors were found in the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate sent by the server. Continue with invalid certificate?
I'm assuming that this message is because I use a self-generated SSL cert, and I just go on.

I'm attempting this migration using the Administrator account with full privileges including Send As. I have also followed Microsoft KB 899351, all to no avail.

Most of my clients use Exchange for the calendar entries. If I'm to get them to Zimbra, I have to solve this problem... soon!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.