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Thread: Away message isn't sent for mail to aliases

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    Default Away message isn't sent for mail to aliases


    I've a problem with account aliases and away messages. If I send a mail directly to the account name, the away message is sent back. If I instead send a mail to one of the aliases for the same account, no reply is sent back.

    The mail.log confirms that all the messages are delivered to the user, and if I check the webmail for this user the messages are present.

    Network Edition 4.5.5 on Ubuntu 6.10

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    Seems like this is Bug 14129, Bug 14129 - no 550 unknown recipient rejection or out of office replies for alias domains, but I don't really see how to fix the problem based on the comments in the bug thread.

    Comment #1 indicates that instead of using domain aliases one should use "real account aliases", but I can't find any documentation of how these differ from other aliases, which doesn't work.

    Seems like my situation matches the description in comment #8, most of our accounts are supposed to get mail regardless of what domain the mail is sent to.

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