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Thread: Zimbra in the road of foreign mails

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    Default Zimbra in the road of foreign mails

    Hi all,

    I am having a strange problem with my zimbra server. First, I notice a low performance of the webInterface, then I couldn start postfix service as usually. But the surprise was when I watched the mail queues: I have more than 250000 spam mails in the incoming queue,20000 in active and 53 in deferred!! Watching the senders/recipients domain I see that they're foreing domains, that's to say, the destination and origin of these mails are not my Zimbra-accounts.

    I have installed several OS Zimbra but this is the first time I have this trouble. I dont know if its related with the AntiSpam or AntiVirus, becuase when I started ClamAV service it tried to connect to some url to update but there were no success.

    Any idea what is happening? Thanks


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    You may want to wait for someone from Zimbra to respond if I'm wrong but from your description you have an open mail relay and being used to send UCE. By default postfix doesn't act as a relay and drops non-local recipients and I'd be surprised if Zimbra's configuration of postfix allowed an installation to be used as an open relay without an administrator changing things.

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