We have this scenario:

Internet mail is delivered to external email server.
Let's say the domain is example.com.

Zimbra server is fetching internet emails via POP3.

user@example.com on internet.mail.server
-- POP3 ---> user@example.com on zimbra.mail.server

This is standard scenario, and there is no problem with that.

There is problem with fetching group email account info@example.com

For fetching that mail we have created info_zimbra@example.com:

info@example.com on internet.mail.server
-- POP3 ---> info_zimbra@example.com on zimbra.mail.server

We need to forward that email to other users which are members of info@example.com on zimbra server.

We have set forwarding address info@example.com on info_zimbra@example.com account, but nothing happens.

Forwarding to some external email address is working fine.

It seems zimbra ignore forwarding option when we give it local email address.
Is there any solution for this situation ?

Thank you,