I'd like to have ALL files that contain any data related to user accounts (mail/calendar/address books, etc) stored on either a separate drive or separate server, so that if I were be in a situation where I needed to completely reinstall the operating system that Zimbra was running on and re-install Zimbra--or just move to a completely different server--all I would have to do is point it to my external storage and be up and running again.

My first question is, which directories to I need to put on the external storage in order to have this situation? As far as I can tell, the following directories are essential:


If I were to completely reinstall Zimbra and the OS it's running on, are there any other directories that contain data that would be lost?

Second, is it feasible to put the storage on a separate server using NFS? Are there performance concerns? Is NFS the most common method for this?