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Thread: Implementing an zimbra/exchange hybrid environment

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    Default Implementing an zimbra/exchange hybrid environment

    I have a question I have not been able to successfully find the answer to on the net or these forums yet. Some background first to better get my question across. I work in an organization that has 2 separate IT infrastructures. One is an engineering group (which I work in) and there is a corporate one. We have a mostly separate environment with the exception of email and external internet access.

    My question is I would like to setup Zimbra as a service to our non windows users (about 70 percent) as an alternative to exchange. However They also must have the option of being able to use exchange. In this I mean that this environment cannot be Exchange OR Zimbra it has to have both as an option and interchangeable as needed. The real features needed are only email and calendaring. Zimbra's other features can be worked in over time.

    I realize this is a very challenging thing to do. But any pointers and tips in that direction would greatly assist me in getting started. My manager basically gave me carte blanche in doing what needs to be done. My challenge is that I do not control our exchange email infrastructure (the other IT department does) so Zimbra needs to work in concert with it (We can work with the other group to make this work we just don't have the admin rights over it.).

    To add on basically they would be coexisting with each other. Emails on one need to mirror on the other. Calendar items are also a must to have sync over. Anything else we can get working beyond that is a bonus.
    Any pointers from anyone would be greatly appreciated. The plan is to implement this on RHEL4.
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