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Thread: slapd.conf and ldap permission question

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    Question slapd.conf and ldap permission question

    I am working on creating a web site that will perform an ldapsearch against our ldap replica of zimbra. One of the attributes I need access to read is zimbraLastLogonTimestamp.

    Is there any reason, besides it being reset during an upgrade, to not allow read access to zimbraLastLogonTimestamp in slapd.conf. Essentially adding it to this section:
    access to attrs=zimbraLastLogonTimestamp,zimbraId,zimbraMail Address,zimbraMailAlias,zimbraMailCanonicalAddress ,zimbraMailCatchAllAddress,zimbraMailCatchAllCanon icalAddress,zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress,zi mbraMailDeliveryAddress,zimbraMailForwardingAddres s,zimbraPrefMailForwardingAddress,zimbraMailHost,z imbraMailStatus,zimbraMailTransport,zimbraDomainNa me,zimbraDomainType,zimbraPrefMailLocalDeliveryDis abled
    by dn.children="cn=admins,cn=zimbra" write
    by * read

    Just curious before I put it in our production environment.

    Thanks for any input!

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    Should work fine.

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