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Thread: zmlmtpinject errors

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    Unhappy zmlmtpinject errors

    I'm trying to import a large group of messages into a Zimbra mailbox utilizing zmlmtpinject. About 2/3 of the messages go in just fine but 1/3 produce the following error:

    [error] Delivery failed msg=000003VE.eml response=451 4.0.0 Temporary message delivery failure try again

    So far, all retries of the messages that failed produce the same error - doesn't appear to be too "Temporary" for these messages at least. The box is not full and not against any quota. The messages are readable and are in the proper format. What could be causing this error and more importantly, what is the remedy? I MUST get these imported as soon as possible.


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    What about attachment size. Do those messages have a large attachment?

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