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Thread: 4.5.1 backup 4.5.6 restore

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    Default 4.5.1 backup 4.5.6 restore

    we are currently using 4.5.1ne & are considering upgrading to 4.5.6
    i did a quick test on a vmware server & all seems well apart from the backup/restore
    which has changed.

    is it possible to do a restore from a 4.5.1 backup using ver 4.5.6 if required
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    Sure. Rsync the /opt/zimbra/ dir somewhere safe, and follow the instructions in our wiki.

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    Question Post on zimbra support pages

    ZCS Bug Alert
    I. Description
    Tomcat starts but will not stay up after completing the 4.5.6 upgrade.

    Bug 18027
    Bug 18027 - tomcat didn't stop cleanly during the upgrade:

    II. Impact
    All 4.5.6_GA releases for all supported operating systems.

    III. Solution
    Move /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log aside and start Tomcat.

    $ mv /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log /tmp/redo.bak
    $ tomcat start

    Please run a full backup after starting Tomcat and discard old backups. Bug 18027 has been fixed and will be integrated into the next release.

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