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Thread: Deferred Email - PM converted to thread

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    Default Deferred Email - PM converted to thread

    PM converted into thread:

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    Can you help?
    I have a problem with our mail server. There is several mail in the mail queue in the deferred section and nothing I do will make it go through. If I flush it, it just does the same. Some emails are important and urgent and we have only recently started using Zimbra. My knowledge is limited. I have stopped and started zimbra but nothing changes. It only throws a temporary error 451 4.0.0 and I have no idea what it means since it list now specifics. Can you give me any advice please?

    Please reply to my email addy: REMOVED FOR PRIVACY
    I'm sorry for spam reasons we do not reply directly to emails.
    Besides, if your having trouble with your zimbra servers -and your using a related email address- how would we know you got the email?
    Keep it either forums or PM.
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    please post:
    -your version info (zmcontrol -v)
    -the entire error and any related log files (find the appropriate sections)
    Some places to start:
    - /var/log/zimbra.log
    - /opt/zimbra/log/convertd.log
    - /opt/zimbra/log/convertd.out
    - /opt/zimbra/log/zmconvertd.log

    is it like: status=deferred (host[] said: 451 4.0.0 Temporary message delivery failure try again (in reply to end of DATA command)) ?
    Are there attachments on these emails? does not have an A record...

    side note/unrelated but while talking DNS: it may be intentional, but (where I can see your zimbra login) has no PTR record
    aka-from the outside you can't do an nslookup IP or dig -x IP so if your sending email to addresses/servers that do a reverse DNS check and reject email from any server with out a PTR record, that could be a problem for you in the future...
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