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Thread: Silly mistake -- now cant log into admin console

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    Default Silly mistake -- now cant log into admin console

    Hi everyone. My first experience with Zimbra, and hope to be running it for our charity soon! I love it.

    The (background and) problem:
    1. On preparing for Zimbra install, I edited the ubuntu 6.06 /etc/hosts file associating my static IP with "" domain instead of the what I wanted, "". Consequently, after installing Zimbra, all users have - "" when I would like them to be ""

    2. After install completed, I logged into the admin console with admin + password (as inputted in configuration on server) and I added another domain ( through the web interface. I then added some users including an admin. (Which i believed I gave admin access to -- apparently not!)

    3. I attempted to remove the original domain (which was unneeded) and was prompted to remove all users before removing the domain. I removed (silly) the original account. (Consequently, when I clicked a button to continue working on the web console, the login prompt appeared (I was logged out of the admin console) and I cannot get back in with the original login (obviously) I tried logging in with but it says user does not have admin rights -- appears there are no other users with admin credentials.

    I assumed the admin console login was separate from the email login, and didn't even think about it when I deleted things.

    I ran zmprov cd zimbraAuthMech zimbra which says the old domain ( still exists.
    I also ran zmprov ma zimbraIsAdminAccount TRUE which gives an error: account.INVALID_ATTR_VALUE (zimbraIsAdminAccount must be TRUE or FALSE)

    Have looked through the administrator pdf file and searched the forums (trying the above commands) with no success yet.
    Can I use the command line to add administrative rights to my new administrator ( or is there another way to get back into the admin console???

    Many thanks for you help!!
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