I'm testing the Hyperic HQ plugin for Zimbra and hit a couple tiny issues.

First of all, the plugin has to be run by a user with "special" rights because it has to access Zimbra's PID files. I can run it as root or Zimbra user.
I don't like running it as root and I'm not sure of any side effects of running it as zimbra's user.
Which one would be best ?

Second of all, the plugin correctly discovers itself, Zimbra's plugin, Apache 2.0.54 (used by the spell engine) and four mySQL processes (logger and co).
But none of them are usable because not setup : for Apache it needs server-status and for mySQL a user with process rights.
I could (and will, certainly) add them manually but they'll be wipe out on next Zimbra's upgrade.
Would it be possible to get the needed apache setup and a mysql user to be added in Zimbra's distribution in order to have these handy for any supervision tool ?

(Yes I know, I have to create a RFE for it but I just want to know what other things about it.)