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Thread: one user unable to use zimbra

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    Exclamation one user unable to use zimbra

    I know this defies logic.

    I have a single user that gets unbelievably long hang times using zimbra. The web interface locks up probably once an hour, for a good half hour at a time. He is getting the "server unavailable" dialog after its fuzzy white for a few minutes.

    He is normally an outlook user, but outlook also hangs, and eventually decides it just doesnt want to connnect to the server. One of the errors it returns is "cannot open IMAP folder (null)".

    Lots of other users.. nobody having this problem. It doesn't look like there is anything odd happening in the log files. He connects, it issues GetMsgRequest and GetInfoRequest.. and thats it. Hung. If you reload the web client, it shows the "loading" screen with the status bar, for about 12 - 15 minutes. Each time.

    Immediately after stopping and restarting tomcat, he can login fine.

    This problem is unrelated to his machine, as the problem persists across the network.

    Some background, he has lots of mail, but not more than other uses, and just imported about 1000 contacts; i thought it may have been something related to the contacts, so i just deleted them from the database... and still nothing.

    2005-12-01 18:09:00,000 DEBUG [http-443-Processor96] [ip=;;] SoapEngine - dispatch: doc NoOpRequest
    2005-12-01 18:09:04,908 DEBUG [http-80-Processor92] [ip=;;] SoapEngine - dispatch: doc GetInfoRequest
    2005-12-01 18:09:29,030 INFO  [IndexWritersSweeper] [] MailboxIndex - open index writers sweep: before=3, closed=0, after=3 (0ms)
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