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Thread: Changing certificates and server name

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    Default Changing certificates and server name

    Hi all! This is my first post, please forgive me :-)
    I tried to replace the self-created certificate with one from an external CA, i.e. Cacert.
    The previous certificate was linked to an internal name, ex: zimbra.internal.lan while the cert has the FQDN of
    While changing the certificate using the procedure in the wiki, tomcat didn't start anymore.
    It was difficult to find some information in the logs, so I started manually and I found that must be related to opening the keystore
    Then I decided to change the hostname using the zmsethostname to the external name, because I was thinking it was somehow related to the different CN field.
    At the moment no services are running, even the mailbox task is not starting up anymore.
    Any ideas where to look?
    I would rather find the problem than re-installing......
    Also, I would like to keep users' data: it was a test system with less than 10 users, but if I can I would keep data.
    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Did you make a backup before you started making these changes? If you didn't then I suggest you make on now.

    You can have problems running zmsetservername if your DNS and/or hosts set-up isn't correct. Check this post and make sure that your LDAP settings are correct.


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    I pretty much did anything, i.e.:
    followed also certs instruction on wiki for CaCert.
    As soon as I start, this is what I have:

    zimbra$ zmcontrol start
    Starting ldap...Done.

    No other services running.
    If I try starting up the mailbox services with zmmailboxctl this is the output:
    ]$ zmmailboxctl start
    Thu Jul 12 11:44:38 2007 Skipping Configuration for server update.
    Thu Jul 12 11:44:38 2007 ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_SERVER (no such server:
    Thu Jul 12 11:44:38 2007 Key lookup failed.
    zmmtaconfig shutting down
    A mysqld process already exists

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