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    This is an open question to anybody, i'm just trying to a get a estimation if our install and setup is completely jacked or the Zimbra product is underperforming. Currently we have a two server setup. A dedicated spam/virus filter and a dedicated mailstore which also does imap,pop, and outgoing smtp. Currently we are using lmtp to deliver messages between the two machines. The transfer is running about three message per second. After the queues reach over 9,000 in roughly 6 hours we were forced to shut the system down. The mailstore machine specs are Dual Xeon with 2 gig of ram and the spam filter is a Dual Opteron with 4 gig or ram. Our old system which used essentially all the same software, postfix, amavis, clamav, and transported over smtp between the 2 machines with slower cpu machines (1 filter machine, 1 mailstore). With these slower machines we are processing around 30 emails a second. We are royally perplexed at this point and are trying to narrow down if this is a configuration issue or a product issue.

    Let me know please.
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