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Thread: Show The Spam Score

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    Default Show The Spam Score

    I've searched for this... Sorry if it's a duplicate...

    I'd like to see the spam score of emails. If I'm going to fiddle with tag and kill percentages I'd like something to help me realize good settings. Also, if a customer calls I'll have something concrete to discuss with them regarding their false positive, or false negative.

    Is there a way to enable the insert of the score into the subject line, or text of the email? Would this be by user, or by COS, or what?

    Just a thought (a damn good one if you ask me).


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    will this be enough?:
    -for the web client right click > show original (or the show original button in the toolbar)
    -similar functions in most imap clients-sometimes called 'show all headers'

    or do you really, really want a process to insert the score into every subject line?

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    Default RE: Spam Score

    That'll get the job done nicely.

    Thanks for the response!

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