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Thread: ZCS 4.5.6 for RHEL 5 Released!

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    Talking ZCS 4.5.6 for RHEL 5 Released!

    We're happy to announce that we've released Zimbra 4.5.6 for Red Hat Enterprise 5, and that RHEL will now be an officially supported platform in the 4.5 release cycle.

    Open Source users can grab it from: Files

    Network Edition Customers can grab it from:

    We've created a migration wiki article to help in your migration:
    Upgrading Zimbra from RHEL4 to RHEL5 - ZimbraWiki

    We know that several Open Source users are running a modified version of ZCS on RHEL 5. You should be able to simply run the installer, and the system should upgrade you to an official version.

    The Zimbra Team

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    Default Unify RH distributions

    As I posted a few weeks ago in the Admin forum, it is fairly easy to unify Zimbra distributions to use the same file with RHEL4, RHEL5, FC5, FC6, FC7 both in 64 and 32 bits.

    I'm running production systems in all these OS flavors, both the OS and NE editions, and the tweaks needed to install them are minor.

    A single Zimbra package for all the flavours will probably simplify Zimbra's testing procedure and the user's installation.

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    We will still need to test on each flavor and to be honest much of this is automated at this point. So once we add the new OS keeping it tested isn't that hard. Going to a single package would mean shipping even more lib per package especially in the case of 64bit and 32bit. So we'd like to keep the install downloads as small as possible.
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