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    Default Zimlets

    There is now a Zimlet Forum

    Zimlets are a mechanism for integrating the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) with third party information systems and content. We also use the Zimlet approach to “mash-up” (intermix) user interfaces within the Zimbra collaboration suite itself, such as by mashing up calendar and contacts within your email.

    Below is a first public draft of the Zimlet's specification.

    Additional notes about the current implementation:

    - form editor and submitForm method are not implemented
    - JSP tags are not included in the build
    - tooltip canvas type not implemented
    - sticky tooltip is not implemented
    - bool type for user property is not implemented
    - enum is currently called select
    - property and form field visual types not yet supported
    - message files(i18n/l10n) not yet supported
    - user properties currently cannot be accessed from within the zimlet definition file
    - ZCS objects cannot be accessed withing actionUrls
    - ZmAppointment cannot currently be specified as a dragSource
    - XSLT support is not yet implemented (both for the actionUrl element and the applyXslt JavaScript function)
    - dragSource with an action URL is not currently implemented
    - The sticky attribute of the tooltip element is not currently supported
    - Tooltip text for panel items is currently not implemented
    - zimlet loading priority not implemented
    - admin UI is not completed (use command line)

    Ross has posted a blog entry which covers additional details about Zimlet's.
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