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Thread: CentOS is NOT supported

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    Exclamation CentOS is NOT supported

    To all who are having an issue with Scalar::Util on 5.0-

    We've identified that the issue is not with Zimbra, but rather CentOS.

    We test and do QA against RHEL, not CentOS. CentOS is not a supported Operating System.

    We know a lot of you run CentOS, so I give you this wise advice:
    Try Ubuntu

    We're here to help. We'll help as much as we can.

    Network Edition Customers:
    Please be advised that Zimbra Support does not Support CentOS. If you need to move to a new platform, we'll help. Contact

    Open Source Edition Users: Soon, we'll be making our source publically open. We suggest building from source instead of using the RHEL Binary.

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    We also have discovered that having multiple instances of Scalar::Util and related perl modules installed can cause the same problem. Please be sure to verify your installed components with your package management software. You can also use
    perl -V
    to find the paths Perl will use to search for additional modules

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