We're happy to announce the the Zimbra Perforce cache is ready to be opened to the general public. This replaces our Open Source code release system on sourceforge.

We had several issues that cropped up, and we're sorry that it took so long to get this working. We had to use a perforce cache (as opposed to SVN or CVS) because that's what we use internally. We had a lot of trouble keeping the SVN up to date. This will not be an issue for the cache.

Initially, we had some trouble keeping the cache in sync, but we think we have that resolved.

I ask that as you build, that you document everything in our wiki. You should start with this page:
Building Zimbra using Perforce - Zimbra :: Wiki

And add your operating system into the branch that you are building. Franklin is the 5.0 branch, so you may want to start with that.

You'll need to install ant, and jdk 1.5. Zimbra 5.0 runs with jdk 1.6, but you must use 1.5 to compile.

Download the perforce command line client from: Perforce Downloads

You may want to build on one of the supported OSes for your branch (check pm.zimbra.com) as if you don't, you will need to modify a few more files. We want to be sure it builds first, then move on from there.

Please be sure to read the read me files, for set up and connection/compiling issues. For Questions, please post in our developers forum.
All the best,
The Zimbra Team