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Thread: 4.5.11 & 5.0.2 Released!

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    Arrow 4.5.11 & 5.0.2 Released!

    The Zimbra Team is pleased to announce that the Zimbra Collaboration Suite versions 5.0.2 & 4.5.11 have both been released!

    As always, we strongly encourage you to make a full backup before performing any server maintenance. It may take longer, but you'll truly be better off in the end

    More information on backing-up can be found here: Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    *UPDATE: ALL those running LDAP Replicas on ANY version -
    please see the below two links: & LDAP Replicas 4.5.x to 5.0.x - Zimbra :: Wiki
    -We strongly suggest that if you ever did an upgrade from 4.5.10 (or prior) -> 5.0.1 (or prior) at any time and have LDAP replicas, please go & refresh the replicas. Updating to 5.0.2 will not fix the data issues in the replicas.

    ZCS 5.0.2:
    Some notable enhancements & fixes:
    Bug 23922 - 4.x.x to 5.0.x upgrades with existing commercial certs may fail.
    Bug 9858 - Zimlets do not load in any new window (compose, detached view, etc)
    Bug 21247 - Different LDAP config for Gal Sync vs Gal Search
    Bug 21873 - Autocomplete should handle multiple tokens
    Bug 23623 - im - Could not route packet
    Bug 16819 - Spellcheck for basic client
    Bug 23062 - Calender/Documents : Print is not working
    Additional details can be found at PMweb - 5.0.2 or see bugzilla.

    5.0.2 Network Edition Release Notes can be found in the Support Portal
    -Which also contains a updated ZCO connector to fix Bug 24166 - Duplicate Emails in Outlook
    -We're working to get some cluster documentation out next week.
    Keep an eye on Bug 23670 - 4.5.x to 5.0.x cluster upgrade documentation & Bug 24297 - 5.0.2 Cluster Install Fails (seems to be just fresh one's with difficulty right now)
    You may also be interested in Bug 18197 - RHEL5 support for cluster/RHCS!

    5.0.2 Network Edition Downloads

    5.0.2 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    ZCS 4.5.11:
    Some notable fixes:
    Bug 19601 - ldap master hangs
    Bug 22311 - Unexplained high tomcat CPU
    Bug 23644 - zmrestoreldap not taking accesslog db into consideration
    Additional details can be found at PMweb - 4.5.11 or see bugzilla.

    *When you switch to v5 please update to ZCS 5.0.2+
    To help with operating system platform changes some notes have been posted to MigrationFromEOL - Zimbra :: Wiki
    In addition you may want to checkout: /blog/archives/2007/10/moving_zcs_to_another_server.html
    Should it apply to you, also see: Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server - Zimbra :: Wiki & /blog/archives/2007/05/exporting_and_importing_zimbra_ldap_data_1.html

    4.5.11 Network Edition:
    Release Notes (in the Support Portal) or here & Downloads

    4.5.11 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Cool stuff:
    We'd also like to point-out some some very sweet devel work recently completed by dijichi2 on his ZCS 5.0.2 for Solaris 10 x86 build!

    The Zimbra Team
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