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    I am writing to communicate and discuss the unsolicited proposal that Y! got from MSFT. This is a proposal that our board is considering and this may or may not be completed. This is a very early unsolicited preliminary proposal and even if the board did decide to go in that direction there is a long road ahead.

    At Zimbra, nothing has changed. We will remain utterly and thoroughly committed to making our customers successful. We will continue to innovate at a great pace. We will continue to disrupt the market with products that are years ahead of our competition. We will continue to embrace open standards. That's our DNA. And we remain committed to doing that.

    Many businesses, partners, Higher-Eds and ISPs have committed to Zimbra by becoming paying customers. And there is an even larger set that is part of our open source community. We just made an irrevocable contribution of Zimbra 5.0 to the open source. No one can take that away. We will remain true and faithful to our contractual obligations and will do everything possible to make sure that our biggest assets - you - remain confident that we are here to stay and execute. Thankfully, I can confidently say that the Zimbra movement is bigger than any one company.

    We are going to raise the bar exceptionally high next week with the announcement of Zimbra 5.0 and the release of Zimbra Desktop which consolidates many different mailboxes into one user interface. Its the first client-only play by Zimbra where we allow you to use our client to talk to gmail, yahoo! mail or any IMAP/POP source. We are pretty excited about this because it will be ages ahead of its other desktop companions while also being open source.

    I will pro-actively communicate as and when I hear something official and tangible.

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