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    Cool Coolest Thing Ever is Here!

    We wanted to one-up the standard Firefox Dragdropupload extension (which only allows dragging files to the attachment/browse blanks) & a short while ago we gave you a little video preview of the coolest thing ever over at this blog post.

    It took us a little longer than expected to get the extension out, and I know many of you were on the edge of your seats in anticipation, but we're very happy to announce that it's finally ready!!!

    Without further delay: The Firefox 2.0+ (including Beta 3) extension that allows ZCS 5.0+ users to simply drag attachments from their desktop into their briefcase and mail compose window (which even does background uploading so you can do other things) can be found over at the Zimbra Gallery!

    The Coolest Thing Ever is Released! » Zimbra :: Blog
    One of the Coolest Things Ever. » Zimbra :: Blog
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