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    Smile Zimbra Desktop 1083!

    We recently announced that Zimbra Desktop went from alpha > beta, and we've been getting such good feedback about the array of all the new features that we decided to make build 1083 public!

    What has the Desktop team added to 1083 since beta 1 (.73)?

    1) Fixed a critical data indexing bug in lucene. As a result of this fix, it is recommended that all existing mailboxes be "reset" after upgrading to build 1083. Otherwise search results may be incorrect.
    -This is a little different than wiping the entire dataset & settings on install (though you can certainly do that as well if you wish).
    -To reset, after upgrading go to the "Accounts Setup" page > open the account > & click on the "Reset Data" button on the bottom left.
    -The process can take some time for large mailboxes - after reset, each mailbox is resyncing all data from server again.

    2) Turned on instant-notification. Now the UI gets updated whenever underlying data is changed & the result is that the UI becomes much more responsive.

    3) Updated xulrunner version (prism) to the latest - now the GUI client runs javascript much faster.

    4) Single mailbox view now has visual status indicator as well. It was only available in multi-mailbox view in the previous release.

    5) When mailbox goes offline (disconnected from network), we now fall off exponentially on retry frequency.

    6) Fixed a folder structure disappearing issue during initial sync.

    7) Better indications of IMAP folders with sync turned off.

    8) Deleting or resetting accounts now works more reliably.

    Release Notes: Zimbra Desktop - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Get the download over here:
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