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Thread: Vote: Hot Backups for FOSS?

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    Default Vote: Hot Backups for FOSS?

    We've been pondering something, and would like your input. At Zimbra, it's important to us that your data is safe, regardless of edition.

    If you're an Open Source Edition user, would you consider purchasing the hot backup module as a separate add on? Live/Hot Backup and Restore.

    Yes or No

    If Yes, please indicate the price you'd think it would be worth. Make us a deal This doesn't include support.

    Also, please indicate the following when posting:

    1. How many users do you have on your Zimbra server? (1-2, 3-10, 11-24, 25-50, 50-100)
    2. Region? Americas/EMEA/APAC
    3. OS? Redhat/SUSE/Ubuntu/Mac OS X/Fedora/Debian/CentOS/Other:_____
    4. How important is support? Very Important/Important/Not Important
    5. Would you consider licensing Zimbra Network Edition instead? Yes/No
    6. Any questions, comments, suggestions

    If you do not wish to post the above information, you can also e-mail it to
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